6 March 2010 4 Comments

The elusive, graceful future of journalism: Nina Burleigh’s Writing Life

An NPR foreign correspondent pal of mine used to have a list of seven ways for journalists to grow old gracefully. His premise, which is self-evident to anyone who’s been a reporter, was that daily news was an undignified thing to be doing in your 40s. I can’t remember the whole of the list. It […]

18 May 2009 0 Comments

May Allah bless such reviewers

America, the National Catholic weekly, includes a great review of The Samaritan’s Secret, the third of my Palestinian crime novels, this week. “Rees masterfully concocts another claustrophobic tale from the occupied territories that takes us deep into the Palestinian experience even as it entertains,” writes Claire Schaeffer-Duffy. She also calls my detective Omar Yussef “endearingly […]

23 March 2009 0 Comments

The New (Foreign) Journalism

The New York Times features me in an article published this weekend about Global Post, the new foreign news website. As the Times explains, Global Post is intended to replace all the foreign news that’s no longer produced by US newspapers, magazines and tv channels — because those media “cut costs” and fired everyone. I’ve […]

28 February 2009 0 Comments

Milwaukee Sentinel: THE SAMARITAN’S SECRET "literate entertaining read"

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel features a gratifying review of my new Palestinian crime novel THE SAMARITAN’S SECRET by Carole E. Barrowman, an English professor at Alverno College. Here it is: Once in a while, a book rises to the top of my stacks and after I read it, I’m mad that I left it buried […]

2 October 2007 0 Comments

Who’ll be Omar in the movies?

Marshal Zeringue, who writes a series of excellent literary blogs, asked me to write for one of them called My Book, The Movie, in which he asks authors to say who they’d like to appear in the film version of their work. For a mystery writer, that’s particularly interesting, as the detective is so central […]

3 February 2007 0 Comments

TIME: Palestinian Whodunnit with Heart

Under the headline “What Next? A Palestinian Whodunnit”, TIME Magazine Cairo correspondent Scott MacLeod writes a fine review to The Collaborator of Bethlehem: “Matt does here what he did in his reporting for TIME, as well as in an earlier, much-acclaimed non-fiction work, Cain’s Field: Faith, Fratricide, and Fear in the Middle East: he uncovers […]

3 February 2007 0 Comments

Entertainment Weekly: Omar Gets Personal

This week’s edition of Entertainment Weekly includes this on The Collaborator of Bethlehem: “Omar’s probe of a West Bank ruled by political intrigue, religious hatred, and militia thugs let’s ex-Time Jerusalem bureau chief Rees make the Mideast conflict personal.”

1 August 2006 0 Comments

About Matt Beynon Rees

About Matt Beynon Rees I’m a mystery novelist and journalist. The first in my series of Palestinian mystery novels will be published in 2007. As a reporter, I’ve covered the Middle East for over a decade, with the vast majority of that time spent amongst Palestinians and Israelis. I’m a Contributor for Time based in […]