7 July 2011 0 Comments

Writing Tip #94: Historical figures in the novel — as long as they’re dead

I dislike the law and I have little interest in ethics. So here’s a post about the ethics and legality of using real characters in fiction, as I do in my latest novel MOZART’S LAST ARIA. It’s the one time I’ll bother to write about either subject. In a Fringe Magazine review of MOZART’S LAST […]

20 May 2011 0 Comments

The Guardian: MOZART’S LAST ARIA ‘new direction…camply knowing’

It’s surely hard to startle a British journalist, so I’m rather pleased to see that I managed to do so. The Guardian leads its thriller roundup this weekend with my new novel MOZART’S LAST ARIA. Reviewer John O’Connell says: “Israel-based Welshman Rees is best known for his thrillers featuring Palestinian detective Omar Yussef. Mozart’s Last […]

9 December 2010 3 Comments

Ikea and the Crime Writer

There are many theories as to why Scandinavian crime writers prosper in the bestseller lists. But I know why it is. Ikea. I just bought a new set of Ikea shelves for my office. I’ll get into exactly how that has altered the configuration of my workspace, but at this point let me just note […]

15 October 2010 4 Comments

Crime fiction’s ‘French porn’: Martin Walker’s Writing Life interview

Martin Walker’s series of crime novels about the chief of police of a small town in the beautiful Perigord region of France is a delight. When we met at a recent “British Crime Fiction Night” in Darmstadt, Germany, he described the books as “French porn – wine, food, women – in a crime fiction frame.” […]

23 February 2010 0 Comments

The British Crime Fiction Insider: Duncan Campbell’s Writing Life

One of the great pleasures of life as a writer is being paired with terrific authors when you speak at book fairs. (It’s also an occasional rough ride when you find yourself stuck with a bum who can’t write, but I’m being nice here so I won’t go into any of those.) The most delightful […]

13 February 2010 0 Comments

Euro Bestsellers, UK-US Blockbusters

Crime novelist Simon Beckett wrote a few days ago in The Guardian that he’d had no idea he was the best-selling British novelist in Europe until statistics were announced last month. Not surprising, because at home no one has a clue who he is.

14 January 2010 0 Comments

Guardian: Top 10 Arab-world novels

The Guardian asked me to contribute to their regular feature in which authors pick their top 10 novels on a particular subject. Read my top 10 novels set in the Arab world here. Most of the writers I picked are Arab, though there are a couple of Westerners and Tariq Ali is a Pakistani. This, […]