7 July 2011 0 Comments

Writing Tip #94: Historical figures in the novel — as long as they’re dead

I dislike the law and I have little interest in ethics. So here’s a post about the ethics and legality of using real characters in fiction, as I do in my latest novel MOZART’S LAST ARIA. It’s the one time I’ll bother to write about either subject. In a Fringe Magazine review of MOZART’S LAST […]

5 July 2011 0 Comments

Top 7 crime series around the world

The Christian Science Monitor names my Omar Yussef novels among its Top 7 Detective Series Set in Foreign Locales. My Palestinian sleuth takes his place alongside detectives by Alexander McCall Smith, Andrea Camilleri, Jason Goodwin, and Zoe Ferraris among others. I also have a terrific review from The Fringe Magazine for my new novel MOZART’S […]