16 March 2010 0 Comments

In Nablus, the price is right

I was tucking into a slice of qanafi at my favorite vendor in the Nablus casbah yesterday when a gang of Palestinian reporters and officials intruded on my guilty pleasure. This was at Aqsa Sweets, which readers of THE SAMARITAN’S SECRET will know as the place favored by the hero of my Palestinian crime novels […]

3 September 2009 0 Comments

Oldest Bible? Tell it to the Samaritans

UK newspaper The Daily Telegraph reports the discovery of a portion of a Bible from 350 AD in the library of the monastery of St. Catherine in the Sinai. The Codex Sinaiticus is written in Greek on animal skin and the newspaper calls it “a fragment of the world’s oldest bible.” Well, I hate to […]

14 August 2009 0 Comments


It’s always a thrill for me to receive the covers of my forthcoming novels from my UK publisher Atlantic Books. They have a series feel in that there’s a continuity to the design. Each one seems to get better. Here’s the cover of THE FOURTH ASSASSIN, which will be published next February. I received it […]

14 August 2009 0 Comments

Berlin Noir on NPR

Last year, NPR correspondent Eric Westervelt toured Nablus in the West Bank with me, talking about my third Palestinian crime novel THE SAMARITAN’S SECRET as we wandered through the ancient casbah. Sadly for the many of us in Jerusalem who enjoyed his dry wit, Westervelt has left the Middle East for a new posting in […]

6 August 2009 0 Comments

New Republic: The Samaritan’s Secret a ‘wonderful detective thriller’

In his New Republic blog, the magazine’s honcho Marty Peretz rightly rails at the failure of the Fatah Party to agree on anything at its conference this week in Bethlehem — except that Israel killed Arafat. Rails because, of course, that’s not going to reform this corrupt bunch of villains who’re currently clogging Manger Square […]

22 July 2009 0 Comments

Forward: Palestinian society, warts and all — and some mortal danger

Robert Rees (no relation) writes about my books in this week’s edition of The Forward. Admirably Rob read all three of the books before passing judgment, and a good review it is (as well as an interview, because we spoke for some time on Rob’s recent visit to Jerusalem). “Rees has created an award-winning crime […]

10 July 2009 0 Comments

International Noir: Contrast to hardboiled environs gives Omar edge

The blog International Noir Fiction describes my series of Omar Yussef Mysteries as creating a “comedie humaine” for the Palestinians. It’s a great review of the third of my novels THE SAMARITAN’S SECRET by a reviewer who’s obviously read and enjoyed the first two books as well. The review notes many of the aspects of […]

28 June 2009 0 Comments

Hot Reading in East Jerusalem!

This weekend I was the guest of Munther Fahmi, who runs the excellent bookshop at the American Colony Hotel in East Jerusalem, for a reading from my newest Palestinian crime novel THE SAMARITAN’S SECRET. Munther and I have been scheming for some time to organize an event, so it was great to finally get it […]

22 June 2009 0 Comments

Book launch Friday at American Colony, Jerusalem

The Bookshop at the American Colony Hotelis proud to presentan evening with Matt ReesWho will be reading and speaking about his latest novel The Samaritan’s Secret Matt Rees is an award-winning crime novelist who lives in Jerusalem. Major authors have compared him to Graham Greene and John Le Carre. The French magazine L’Express called him […]

18 May 2009 0 Comments

May Allah bless such reviewers

America, the National Catholic weekly, includes a great review of The Samaritan’s Secret, the third of my Palestinian crime novels, this week. “Rees masterfully concocts another claustrophobic tale from the occupied territories that takes us deep into the Palestinian experience even as it entertains,” writes Claire Schaeffer-Duffy. She also calls my detective Omar Yussef “endearingly […]