13 November 2011 0 Comments

Mozart’s Last Aria on Fairness Doctrine

Last week I was on The Fairness Doctrine, a terrific US radio show. To hear me talking about my new novel MOZART’S LAST ARIA with the delightful host Dr. Patrick O’Heffernan, click ahead 15:45 minutes into the show to get to the start of my chat.

1 September 2010 0 Comments

Radio interview about crime novels

During my tour of Germany — well, more of a quick swing through the west, having had a vacation in Berlin — I stopped in at the excellent DRadio Wissen, a fairly new branch of Deutschlandfunk. These ladies, lead by the lovely Lena Staerk, certainly were quite funky. Also cosmopolitan, broadcasting for nearly two hours […]

26 March 2007 0 Comments

NPR’s Weekend Edition Features Me in Bethlehem

NPR’s Weekend Edition features an interview with me in Bethlehem by Middle East correspondent Eric Westervelt. The website also includes a couple of interesting extras that weren’t on air: first, Westervelt and I tour Manger Square, the center of Bethlehem, discussing how it was to be there during the intifada; then I read a scene […]