11 March 2010 10 Comments

Why I love clogged Arab toilets better than Amazon Kindles

As I travel the Middle East to research my Palestinian crime novels, I love to come upon a stinking squatting-toilet, its evacuation hole bubbling with dark, sinister turds and the air strong with the scent of barely digested, unhygienically prepared lamb kebab. I adore such a khazi on sight, because no one cleaned it up […]

26 May 2007 0 Comments

Jerusalem Post: Collaborator a "Stunning Portrayal" of Palestinian Life

The Jerusalem Post, a well-known English-language Israeli newspaper, printed two stories Friday–one a review of my book The Collaborator of Bethlehem, the other a profile of me. The review calls my book a “stunning portrayal” of Palestinian life. I’m delighted that the Israeli reviewer found himself enlightened about the lives of Palestinians. As most Israelis […]