14 July 2009 0 Comments

“What happened to the third little pig, Daddy?”: Bob Burke on pig detectives and his Writing Life

Anyone who’s perused the crime fiction section of their bookstore knows the joy of finding something original among the tired old shelves of loner detectives who play by their own rules on the mean streets of some dingy inner city. The clichés of the genre were uppermost in my mind when I chose to write […]

4 July 2009 0 Comments

Review: The blood and ghosts of Belfast

The Twelve by Stuart NevilleHarvill Secker (July 2, 2009 isbn: 1846552796)(to be published in US in October as “The Ghosts of Belfast”, Soho Crime isbn: 1569476004) Things that seemed clear enough to kill for during a conflict become impossible to look at once the murdering is at an end. Anyone who’s lived through a war […]