13 November 2011 0 Comments

Lost ‘News of the World’ Scoop Reveals Secrets of Mozart’s Death

*Editor’s note: The Man of Twists and Turns has obtained the text of a major exclusive which was set to appear in The News of the World in London earlier this year. However, News Corp. owner Rupert Murdoch shut down the 168-year-old tabloid to dampen a scandal over its reporters hacking into private voicemails, use […]

8 November 2011 0 Comments

‘Pitch perfect’ Mozart’s Last Aria

A couple of new blog reviews for Mozart’s Last Aria, my historical novel in which the great composer’s sister investigates his death. Iceberg Ink rates the book highly for its historical portrayal: Vienna and this entire classical era is handled with absolute precision by Rees. He gets how it should be portrayed and what it […]

4 November 2011 1 Comment

My rock version of a Mozart classic

In my novel MOZART’S LAST ARIA, the great composer’s sister Nannerl sings an aria written by her brother. The aria, Vorrei spiegarvi, is about a woman who tells her lover to return to his fiancee, despite the pain this causes her. It’s a key moment in the book and I decided to write this rock […]

3 November 2011 0 Comments

A Secret About Wolfgang’s Death

My new crime novel Mozart’s Last Aria is out this week in the US. The great composer dies, telling his family he has been poisoned. Mozart’s sister Nannerl comes to Imperial Vienna to find out what really happened. She exposes a Masonic conspiracy and uncovers a secret hidden in The Magic Flute. Look for more […]

25 October 2011 0 Comments

Marie Claire: MOZART’S LAST ARIA ‘sumptuous historical whodunit’

More terrific reviews for my new novel MOZART’S LAST ARIA. This from the forthcoming US edition of Marie Claire: Award-winning British novelist Matt Rees cleverly weaves music, crime, and conspiracy into a sumptuous historical whodunit, set against the decadent backdrop of 18th-century Vienna.

26 September 2011 2 Comments

Podcast: Meditation for Writers part 1

I’ve used meditation techniques to help my concentration and to build my creativity in writing my award-winning crime fiction and historical novels. I’ve also found it transformative in my daily life. This podcast describes why that is and tells you a little about the guided meditation for writers I’ll be doing in my next podcast. […]

23 September 2011 1 Comment

Kirkus: MOZART’S LAST ARIA ‘beautiful’

The forthcoming issue of Kirkus Reviews gives my novel MOZART’S LAST ARIA, which will be out in the US in November, a starred review: “Rees nails the details of Mozart’s Vienna with precision, seasoning his story with musical details that will delight fans of classical music. The author renders Nannerl very sympathetic and teases in […]

1 September 2011 0 Comments

Podcast: How to Write a Book — Writing and Editing

As an award-winning writer of nonfiction, crime fiction, and historical thrillers, I’ll show how to write and edit your book. This is the final episode of three titled How to Write a Book. Previously I detailed the researching, structuring and plotting of your book. Download the Podcast: (Download the MP3) Subscribe via iTunes

18 August 2011 0 Comments

Lazy Writers and Productive Creatives

There are lazy writers, writers who can’t say no, and then there are creative people who are able to combine their muse with their media. I’ve discovered this in recent months a couple of different ways. First, on a recent book tour, I spent a week at a book festival where I was together with […]

7 August 2011 0 Comments

Podcast: How to Write a Book — Structure and Plot

I use my experience as an award-winning writer of nonfiction, crime fiction, and historical thrillers to show how to structure your book and, in the case of fiction, how to lay out your plot. This is the second of three episodes titled How to Write a Book. The next episode will cover writing and editing […]