12 February 2010 0 Comments

Why’s a Palestinian sleuth in Brooklyn?

I’ve been called the Dashiell Hammett of Palestine, the John Le Carre of the Middle East, the James Ellroy of…Palestine, the Graham Greene of Jerusalem, and the Georges Simenon of the Palestinian refugee camps. Depends which review you happen to have read. I’ve published three previous novels about Omar Yussef, my Palestinian schoolteacher/sleuth. Omar has […]

18 April 2008 0 Comments

Le Figaro: Omar Yussef is the Hercule Poirot of the Near East

The latest issue of Le Figaro’s Magazine includes a terrific review of my latest Palestinian mystery novel (titled in the US A Grave in Gaza and in the UK The Saladin Murders), comparing my hero Omar Yussef to Agatha Christie’s great Belgian detective: Omar Yussef returns…Here is the Hercule Poirot of the Near East immersed […]

22 August 2007 0 Comments

BBC on crime fiction trends

The BBC has a terrific article on new trends in crime fiction on its website today. It includes details of a new series of Agatha Christie comic books — with a few sample illustrations of Poirot in cartoon form — and some analysis of recent changes in the genre. One of the elements it picks […]