25 August 2009 0 Comments

Ellroy Queen: Megan Abbott’s Writing Life

Megan Abbott is the female James Ellroy. When I read her Edgar-award-winning “Queenpin,” I immediately was put in mind of everyone’s favorite noirmeister. Dig it. Even more I loved “The Song is You,” in which Abbott took a real-life missing persons case from 1949 and plumbed her Hollywood characters for real debauchery and dirt like […]

6 August 2009 0 Comments

NPR on crime fiction

Wisconsin Public Radio airs a full hour discussing contemporary crime fiction. It’s mainly an interview with the best crime fiction blogger, Peter Rozovsky, whose Detectives Beyond Borders is a fabulous read, full of information and sound opinions. The radio show focuses on “noir” — which Peter defines more convincingly than anyone I’ve heard before as […]

14 July 2009 0 Comments

“What happened to the third little pig, Daddy?”: Bob Burke on pig detectives and his Writing Life

Anyone who’s perused the crime fiction section of their bookstore knows the joy of finding something original among the tired old shelves of loner detectives who play by their own rules on the mean streets of some dingy inner city. The clichés of the genre were uppermost in my mind when I chose to write […]

10 July 2009 0 Comments

International Noir: Contrast to hardboiled environs gives Omar edge

The blog International Noir Fiction describes my series of Omar Yussef Mysteries as creating a “comedie humaine” for the Palestinians. It’s a great review of the third of my novels THE SAMARITAN’S SECRET by a reviewer who’s obviously read and enjoyed the first two books as well. The review notes many of the aspects of […]

9 July 2009 0 Comments

Review: Crime fiction’s first PI Pig

The Third Pig Detective Agency by Bob Burkepublished by The Friday Project isbn 1906321752 Seeing his brothers’ houses blown down by the Big Bad Wolf (“I’ll huff and I’ll puff…”) taught Harry Pigg to build his own house out of bricks, thus avoiding the grisly fate of the first and second pigs. The nursery rhyme […]