6 August 2009 0 Comments

New Republic: The Samaritan’s Secret a ‘wonderful detective thriller’

In his New Republic blog, the magazine’s honcho Marty Peretz rightly rails at the failure of the Fatah Party to agree on anything at its conference this week in Bethlehem — except that Israel killed Arafat. Rails because, of course, that’s not going to reform this corrupt bunch of villains who’re currently clogging Manger Square […]

4 July 2009 0 Comments

Review: The blood and ghosts of Belfast

The Twelve by Stuart NevilleHarvill Secker (July 2, 2009 isbn: 1846552796)(to be published in US in October as “The Ghosts of Belfast”, Soho Crime isbn: 1569476004) Things that seemed clear enough to kill for during a conflict become impossible to look at once the murdering is at an end. Anyone who’s lived through a war […]