27 June 2010 4 Comments

What’s floating in the Dead Sea?

If you’ve ever slathered your skin in the healing, mineral-rich mud of the Dead Sea, you may want to stop reading now. More than 8 million gallons of sewage from East Jerusalem is pumped downhill to the Dead Sea, raw and untreated, every day. That’s not just a little icky for those of us who […]

25 December 2009 0 Comments

My part in saving the environment

I like to do my bit to help save our planet. Last week in Rome my wife and I confronted that city’s brand new recycling program which, mainly, seemed to consist of workmen loading enormous amounts of bottles into their tiny dump truck outside our window at 5 a.m. We cheered them on and put […]

29 October 2009 0 Comments

Israel’s new weapon: water?

Yet another report accuses Israel of human rights abuses, this time for denying Palestinians water. By Matt Beynon Rees – GlobalPostJERUSALEM — Human-rights reports condemning Israel’s dealings with the Palestinians have become so frequent of late they’re like the dripping of Chinese water torture. In the last few months, there have been reports on the […]

23 April 2009 0 Comments

The Writing Life: Thomas M. Kostigen

Thomas M. Kostigen is the most important environmental writer in the U.S. That’s not only because he’s trekked through the Amazon to record how we’re destroying it, or because he climbed into the Fresh Kills landfill on Staten Island to…smell how badly it stinks. Or because his ground-breaking New York Times bestseller The Green Book […]

9 November 2008 0 Comments

You Are Here: Environmental wake-up call from the Middle East to your front door

Thomas M. Kostigen begins his eye-opening new book on the world’s environmental challenges in the Middle East, where pollution and neglect are steadily destroying the ancient sites that are the foundation of the Abrahamic faiths. I’ve seen this with my own eyes (there’s a shocking crack in the retaining wall of the Temple Mount in […]