4 February 2010 0 Comments

What am I reading?

On the “Writers Read” blog, which is run by the indefatigable Marshal Zeringue, the latest post features my most recent reading. It’s not what you might think — in other words, it isn’t detective fiction (well, there’s one such book, sort of…) and it’s not full of books about the Middle East. Have a look […]

8 January 2010 3 Comments

A Decade that Dare not Speak its Name

In the documentary “Imagine,” John Lennon comments that his song “Starting Over” was a message to fans his own age in which he aimed to ask them: “Hey, how’re you? Weren’t the Seventies a drag? Let’s hope the Eighties will be better.” If John had lived on through the Eighties to experience the decade just […]