27 December 2009 0 Comments

In your face Tom Jones: I’m a Welsh icon

Welsh Icons (“an Encyclopedia and Gazetteer of Wales and all Things Welsh – A Cymrupedia if you like.”…uh, “Cymru” being the Welsh word for Wales.) lists me among the “iconic” writers on its site. That puts me in the company of thriller king Ken Follett, sinister Willy Wonka-man Roald Dahl, and upright role model Dylan […]

27 October 2009 0 Comments

That’s my boy

I started to feel recently that my bio on www.mattbeynonrees.com was a bit over-serious. First of all, it was in the third person. I honestly never refer to myself in the third person (except when I’m shopping and I ask my wife “Would Matt Beynon Rees wear a shirt in this shade of pink?”) Then […]

16 October 2009 1 Comment

Affable and trim

The last couple of articles about me and my books focus on the fact that I’m rather happy. In this month’s Hadassah Magazine, I’m “affable and trim.” High school friends reading this on Facebook may wonder where the affability was back then… Profile: Hadassah Magazine October 2009 Matt Beynon Rees By Leora Eren Frucht Only […]

29 September 2009 0 Comments

I Have Publishing Surrounded: John Higgs’s Writing Life

Thomas Carlyle wrote that “A well-written life is almost as rare as a well-spent one.” There may be some debate as to whether Timothy Leary’s life was well-spent. However, his biography by John Higgs is one of the most well-written and compelling books you’ll ever come across. “I Have America Surrounded: The Life of Timothy […]