30 December 2010 0 Comments

Hometown ‘paper, and year’s best books

No matter how many profiles and reviews an author gets, the first time in his hometown newspaper is a special one. So I’m delighted to have been profiled this week in the South Wales Argus, which is published in Newport. It’s a fine article by Alison Sanders, an Argus reporter, and it includes my liking […]

8 July 2010 0 Comments

Irish Times on international crime

The Irish Times has a thought-provoking article today under the headline “How the world became one big crime scene.” It’s by Declan Burke, ace Irish crime fictioneur and also one of the most active bloggers on the subject. You’ll find reference to my Palestinian sleuth, Omar Yussef, but Dec also delves into other areas of […]

5 March 2010 0 Comments

Forward on my ‘unique mystery series’

The Forward profiles me and my series of Palestinian crime novels this week, calling it a “unique mystery series.” I’m very happy that their correspondent Amy Klein picked up on a particular point I made in our interview: “The thing not to lose sight of is that these are crime novels; they are entertaining. They […]