“Matt Rees has drawn a lively portrait of eighteenth-century Vienna and of characters whose names now live only because of their connection with the composer. This novel is well-researched, very clever and written in clean, suitably formal language…This is an even better mystery novel than the author’s prize-winning series about the Palestinian detective Omar Yussef–and that’s saying a lot.” —Literary Review, London

“Rees nails the details of Mozart’s Vienna with precision, seasoning his story with musical details that will delight fans of classical music. The author renders Nannerl very sympathetic and teases in a touch of romance that is both bittersweet and unexpected. A beautiful book illuminated by the author’s own musical background that moves slowly and deliberately to a fine conclusion.” — Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

“A resounding bravo. Beautifully written and diligently researched. Rees makes the musical realm of Mozart sparkle with intrigue.”–Mystery Scene

“Award-winning British novelist Matt Rees cleverly weaves music, crime, and conspiracy into a sumptuous historical whodunit, set against the decadent backdrop of 18th-century Vienna.” — Marie Claire

“Mozart fans and code crackers will enjoy the clever musical riddle. A very readable historical mystery romp.” — The Times, London

“Mozart, music, and murder seamlessly blend together in this fascinating historical mystery.” — Tess Gerritsen

“In this engaging, well-paced book Mozart’s estranged sister travels to Vienna to investigate the mysterious circumstances of her brother’s sudden death. Combining Dan Brown or Elizabeth Kostova–style historical conspiracy theory with cozy detective novel, Rees’s latest offers a genuinely felt reverence for the power of Mozart’s music and its lasting impact in the world.” — Publishers Weekly

“Rees delivers a fresh spin on the composer’s demise.” — The Australian

“A elegantly written and thoroughly researched crime story of 18th Century Vienna…If you love an intricate history-mystery, you’ll love this novel very much.” — Historical Novel Review

“The Da Vinci Code, but this time with Masons and musical manuscripts.” — NPR

“A stunning combination of mystery and meticulously researched historical fiction.” — Tasha Alexander

Replete with biographical detail and musical references, this novel animates Mozart’s life and times with a varied cast of patrons, lovers, and villains. This absorbing Viennese soap opera is a solid choice for readers who like fiction about historical figures caught up in suspenseful intrigues such as Matthew Pearl’s The Dante Club or Gyles Brandreth’s Oscar Wilde mysteries. — Library Journal

THE FOURTH ASSASSIN (Omar Yussef Mystery 4)

The New York Times
New Yorkers are bound to be startled by the views of their city advanced by Matt Beynon Rees in THE FOURTH ASSASSIN. Over the course of an engrossing investigation, Yussef is educated in the harsh views of Arabs in some quarters of the city and exposed to the simmering anger of young Arabs. — Marilyn Stasio, Full review.

The Sunday Times (London)
Set in a pulsating, multicultural city, Yussef confirms his status as one of the most beguiling of current sleuths.

The Daily Beast
Intelligent and suspenseful…Rees paints a meticulous portrait of the post-9/11 community of Little Palestine and the tension of cultures trying to co-exist. Full review.
This is classic work that will stand up 20 or 30 years from now.

THE SAMARITAN’S SECRET: the third Omar Yussef Mystery

“Thick with atmosphere,memorable, unusual and the clearest possible proof that mystery fiction can be moulded into any literary form and is often highly instructive.” – The Tablet

“A wonderful detective thriller” – The New Republic

“This is a rare crime novel” – Times Literary Supplement

A GRAVE IN GAZA: the second Omar Yussef Mystery

“Yussef is a wonderful creation” – Colin Dexter, author of the Inspector Morse mysteries

“Rees has created a stunning sense of place and memorable characters for his impassioned story.” – The Sunday Telegraph

“In its vivid portrayal of the violence and degradation of the Palestinian enclave of Gaza, Matt Rees’s second book is outstanding.“ – The Economist

“Matt Rees confirms his mastery of the genre” – Le Figaro.

THE COLLABORATOR OF BETHLEHEM: the first Omar Yussef Mystery

“You couldn’t do better than read Matt Rees’s thriller” – Sir David Hare

“Readable and literate… a vivid portrait of Palestinian life today” – The Washington Post

“A superb and intelligent detective story” – The Mail on Sunday

“Matt Rees has given us an incredible tapestry…It’s a wonderful, wonderful book. A fantastically original book” — BBC Radio 4 Front Row

CAIN’S FIELD: Faith, Fratricide, and Fear in the Middle East

“Sharply detailed reporting” – The New York Times

“Timely picture of hatred, betrayals and violence” – The Jewish Week