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‘Pitch perfect’ Mozart’s Last Aria

A couple of new blog reviews for Mozart’s Last Aria, my historical novel in which the great composer’s sister investigates his death. Iceberg Ink rates the book highly for its historical portrayal:

Vienna and this entire classical era is handled with absolute precision by Rees. He gets how it should be portrayed and what it might have looked like to someone who knows nothing about it… Rees has crafted a nice epilogue to the existing Mozart story, and gives it enough umph to make you believe the resolution here MAY have been what truly happened.

The Raging Bibliomania blog was surprised to discover that Wolfgang Mozart doesn’t appear in the novel — the main character is his sister Nannerl who has always been given short shrift by historians and writers. But, then, I’m full of surprises. The blog also liked my historical portrayal of the period and characters:

I really enjoyed the historical aspects and details that were imbued in the plot. I liked getting to know the background story of Mozart and his sister, and learning about the things that kept them apart for so long. The book was rich in historical detail that I found to be pitch perfect.

Reviews from the Heart sums it up very well:

I rate this one a 4 out of 5 stars and one I highly recommend for those that love classical music with a twist of mystery.

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