21 July 2011 0 Comments

FT: ‘Omar Yussef is one of crime fiction’s most original protagonists’

Adam Lebor, a superb thriller-writer in his own right, picks some top summer thriller reads in the Financial Times this week (where there’s also a big profile of Lee Child). Adam very kindly includes one of my Omar Yussef mysteries, The Saladin Murders (US title: A Grave in Gaza). Here’s what he writes:

There are some excellent, well-written tales in bookshops this summer – take one to the beach and you won’t look up till sundown. The Saladin Murders by Matt Rees: Omar Yussef is one of crime fiction’s most original protagonists. A schoolteacher in Bethlehem, and a recovering alcoholic, he takes on the thugs and killers of Hamas and Fatah with nothing but courage and his wits. The Saladin Murders is set in Gaza where Yussef is sent to inspect a school. His fellow teacher is arrested by the Palestinian security forces but Yussef refuses to leave and instead starts asking increasingly dangerous questions. Gaza is violent, brutal and corrupt.

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