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Reviews: MOZART’S LAST ARIA one for fans of crime and historical fiction

Two terrific reviews for my new novel MOZART’S LAST ARIA on UK fiction blogs. First, here’s something from the review on Novel Suggestions:

The language, and political and religious backdrops that underpin the story work well to draw you in to the period setting of the late eighteenth century, and I also found the author’s knowledge of the music added an educational element without ever becoming overbearing. Characters are convincing and well drawn, and in the case of Anna [Mozart’s sister and my narrator], given increased depth with the back-story of her own musical talent and the career she has had to forego to care for her father and husband….The result is a very entertaining novel…I’m sure it will please a wide readership amongst those who enjoy either historical fiction or crime fiction, and should also find much favour with music lovers – not a bad trick for Matt Rees to have pulled off.

Meanwhile, here’s what Bookgeeks has to say:

While the character of Mozart is treated with the greatest of respect, still more admiration is shown for his work. Rees lovingly and lengthily describes each nuance of Mozart’s compositions; as a love letter to Salzburg’s greatest export, Mozart’s Last Aria is deeply passionate…As an homage to the towering genius of Mozart, Mozart’s Last Aria is a triumph. Its formal prose gives a strong ring of authenticity to the period, and the book reminds us that behind the music was a mere mortal man… Classical music aficionados should dive in without hesitation.

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