22 June 2011 0 Comments

Roll over Amadeus: Mozart’s Last Aria ‘a cracking read’

Novelist, journalist and classical music blogger Jessica Duchen has an interview with me about my new novel Mozart’s Last Aria on her excellent blog today, which she titles “Roll Over Amadeus.” Wish I’d thought of the headline. (Well, now it’s on my blog anyhow!) Here’s how she introduces her interview: “A musical thriller landed on my desk the other week. In Mozart’s Last Aria, by Matt Rees, the sleuth is Nannerl Mozart; the death she’s investigating is that of her beloved brother. It’s a cracking read. Matt, based in Jerusalem, is a well-established crime fiction author and a former foreign correspondent who covered, amongst other things, the second Intifada on location. Why, then, did he want to write a detective story on ground that had already been so powerfully claimed by Peter Shaffer?” Read the interview here.

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