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Bookgeeks: MOZART’S LAST ARIA and writing music in a novel

I’ve a guest post on the UK book blog Bookgeeks today, about how I “wrote the music” for my new Mozart novel MOZART’S LAST ARIA. Here’s how the post starts:

I’ve played music all my life, but I’m no musician. After my initial childhood music lessons I parted ways with the playing of classical music. I’ve been a guitarist and bassist in various rock bands in New York and elsewhere. Less sexily, I played glockenspiel in my high school band.

Still, I knew that if Mozart’s Last Aria, my new historical thriller, was to succeed, I’d have to write convincingly about the great composer’s music. About its structure. Its performance. And the intellect behind it.

In other words, I’d need to imagine myself into the world of true musicians and into the head of the genius who wrote the most stunning music anyone has ever created.

Read the rest of the post on Bookgeeks.

MOZART’S LAST ARIA also tops this week’s list of recommendations from Hatchard’s, an excellent old UK bookseller.

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