16 May 2011 0 Comments

The Times: ‘Mozart fans and code crackers’ will love MOZART’S LAST ARIA.

In The Times (London), Peter Millar reviewed my new novel MOZART’S LAST ARIA this weekend. Under the playful headline ‘I Still Think It Was Salieri’, Peter enjoys my “slick musical riddle.” Well, so now you know that court composer Salieri is NOT the fellow who turns out to be the murderer of Mozart in my novel. (That was the verdict in Amadeus, which Peter Schaeffer based on an earlier play by Pushkin, who in turn based his work on Salieri’s ramblings while he was in an insane asylum. My conclusions are tied to more recent historical research and my own reading of Mozart’s masterpiece The Magic Flute.) As Peter notes, my novel takes a new approach to the Maestro’s demise. “The power politics of the day are at work,” he writes, “and Mozart fans and code crackers will enjoy the clever musical riddle. A very readable historical mystery romp.” Thanks for that, Peter.

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