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29 May 2011 0 Comments

The Music of MOZART’S LAST ARIA: Vorrei spiegarvi

In Chapter 22 of my new novel MOZART’S LAST ARIA, Wolfgang Mozart’s sister Nannerl sings for Baron van Swieten. The aria for soprano “Vorrei spiegarvi” (“I wish to explain to you”) is a tender love song by a woman who cannot be with her true love. This version is sung by Elizabeth Parcells, the American […]

25 May 2011 4 Comments

Great New FREE Crime Fiction Podcast!

I hope you all like the headline. I think it ought to rate well on search engines. See how technological I’ve become? The coming week will see the unveiling of my new podcast. I’ll be podcasting as The Man of Twists and Turns, which is the title of my own blog (and the identifier Homer […]

20 May 2011 2 Comments

Fiction best way to look at ‘Arab Spring’

Here’s a talk I gave to a group of journalists in Jerusalem last week about my new ‘Arab Spring’ short story. In DAMASCUS TRANCE, I decided to make an immediate response to the bloody crackdown on freedom demonstrators by the Syrian government. The story involves my Palestinian detective character Omar Yussef, the politics of the […]

20 May 2011 0 Comments

The Guardian: MOZART’S LAST ARIA ‘new direction…camply knowing’

It’s surely hard to startle a British journalist, so I’m rather pleased to see that I managed to do so. The Guardian leads its thriller roundup this weekend with my new novel MOZART’S LAST ARIA. Reviewer John O’Connell says: “Israel-based Welshman Rees is best known for his thrillers featuring Palestinian detective Omar Yussef. Mozart’s Last […]

20 May 2011 0 Comments

The Music of MOZART’ LAST ARIA: piano concerto in C

Nannerl Mozart, Wolfgang’s sister, ends the concert scene in my novel MOZART’S LAST ARIA with her brother’s beautiful C piano concerto. Here’s the fabulous second movement of the concerto played by the incomparable Catalan Alicia de Larrocha. Listen to more music from MOZART’S LAST ARIA. Watch videos about the book.

18 May 2011 0 Comments

Long gestation and the crime novel

Crime novelists generally write a novel a year. It’s what publishers want. Some big writers—and I mean, 25 million books sold—have told me their publishers and agents complain that if they don’t produce a book a year their readers will forget them. In the case of such writers, some of those 25 million may have […]

18 May 2011 1 Comment

My Arab Spring short story en francais

The superb French crime fiction blog Le Blog du Polar has a French-language version of my story Damascus Trance. I released this new Omar Yussef short story last week as an immediate response to the Syrian government’s crackdown on freedom demonstrators. Blogger Catherine Dô-Duc suggested translating it and I was more than happy to put […]

17 May 2011 0 Comments

Inspiration–and laughter–for the ladies: Ghada Abdel Aal’s Writing Life

When she was in her early twenties, Egyptian writer Ghada Abdel Aal began the complicated process of seeking a spouse. It involved meetings in parental living rooms over awkward glasses of tea. On one such occasion her potential groom spent his time screaming at a soccer game on tv. Another turned out to have a […]

16 May 2011 0 Comments

The Music of MOZART’S LAST ARIA: Hell’s Revenge

In the concert scene of my new novel MOZART’S LAST ARIA, the dead composer’s sister-in-law sings “Der Hölle Rache” (“Hell’s revenge”), an aria from the opera The Magic Flute. It’s a particularly difficult piece to sing and, as my main character Nannerl, Wolfgang’s sister, observes, its high tessitura turns the soprano’s voice into something more […]

16 May 2011 0 Comments

The Times: ‘Mozart fans and code crackers’ will love MOZART’S LAST ARIA.

In The Times (London), Peter Millar reviewed my new novel MOZART’S LAST ARIA this weekend. Under the playful headline ‘I Still Think It Was Salieri’, Peter enjoys my “slick musical riddle.” Well, so now you know that court composer Salieri is NOT the fellow who turns out to be the murderer of Mozart in my […]