17 September 2010 0 Comments

Fussy like Poirot, tarnished like Marlowe

Declan Burke runs an excellent blog on Irish crime writing. He also reviews for The Irish Times. Today the Times has this very gratifying review of my latest novel, along with write-ups of the new ones from Kate Atkinson, Don Winslow and Conor Fitzgerald, among others: “Matt Rees’s protagonist Omar Yussef generally prowls the mean streets of Palestine, but his fourth outing, The Fourth Assassin (Atlantic Books, £11.99), finds him in New York as part of a Palestinian delegation to the United Nations. There, Yussef is reunited with his son, only to discover that one of his son’s friends has been brutally murdered. Plodding the bitterly cold thoroughfares of Brooklyn, Yussef must track down the killer before his son is framed for the crime, all the while striving to subvert a Jihadi assassination plot. Rees’s first novel won the CWA New Blood Dagger in 2008, and Omar Yussef remains hugely enjoyable company, equal parts fussy Poirot and the tarnished knight of Philip Marlowe. As always, Yussef’s love of Muslim culture, and the irascible temperament that allows him to poke fun at himself and his co-religionists, makes for a winning blend.” I love the line about Poirot and Marlowe. Thanks, Dec.

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