3 June 2010 0 Comments

Grief, violence and a Palestinian sleuth

I haven’t written anything about what we might call the flotilla fiasco. And I’m not going to do so. Here’s why:

The Jerusalem Post reviews THE FOURTH ASSASSIN, the latest of my Palestinian crime novels, this week. Ilana Teitelbaum writes: “As in the previous novels, a seemingly isolated instance of murder is revealed to be connected with the soul-destroying machine of Palestinian politics. Once again, what begins as a detective story evolves into a political thriller, only this time, the emotions run higher than ever, and passions much darker. There is a heavy pall over this novel that is only exacerbated by its ending.

“The courage and humanity of Yussef shines as a solitary beacon through the darkness, implicitly representing the tragedy of such humanity in a world of terrible grief and violence, but also hope that it might someday prevail.”

Well, there’s been plenty of grief and violence this week in the Middle East, so I’m very happy that the stand my novels take on those issues resonates. Certainly I believe my book’s pages are a lot more productive than all the furious bile that’s been spilled on the virtual pages of the internet of late, which is why I’ve refrained from writing anything about the recent events — I prefer to let what Omar says in the final chapters of the book speak for itself. Read the full review here.

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