25 March 2010 0 Comments

Following Gunter Grass into the hot seat

This weekend I was in Leipzig, Germany, for one of the country’s biggest book fairs. While there I was interviewed for German tv in front of a big audience of festivalgoers, many of whom were mysteriously dressed as Japenese cartoon characters… In fact, the Blue Sofa is right at the entrance to the book fair and it’s the most prominent spot for author interviews. I chatted with the delightful Jutta Louise Oechler, a German tv journalist who’s spent a lot of time in the Middle East. When I sat down my corner of the blue sofa was still rather hot from a previous interview. It was the same spot where Gunter Grass had sat shortly before, too. So maybe I imbibed a little of his Nobel-laureate-making genius through the seat of my jeans. (I’ll be happy to take it any way I can…)

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