13 March 2010 0 Comments

Vegas City Life: ‘The Fourth Assassin’ a mystery of culture, rather than murder

Las Vegas City Life reviewer Tod Goldberg comes up with a compelling reading of my new Palestinian crime novel THE FOURTH ASSASSIN this week. Here’s a little of what Tod writes:
“As in his previous novels, Rees has steeped The Fourth Assassin in the mire of present day politics and religion while showing that most horrific crimes have a root in simple things, like love, hubris or the desire for revenge. …It becomes clear that all things eventually boil down to the contested territory of power.

“The Fourth Assassin begins as a murder mystery but soon evolves into a mystery of culture, and in that regard, it is somewhat less satisfying as a crime novel than it is as simple literature, which is no condemnation. If it takes a dead body to get someone to read this book, so be it; there is much to learn here.”

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