10 March 2010 0 Comments

Bigmouth loves ‘Bethlehem Murders’

Me and My Big Mouth is the blog of the inimitable Scott Pack, the most innovative (and, to many, the most controversial) man in British publishing. We met a year ago in freezing Oslo, tramped through the snow to the Ibsen Museum, and generally had a great time. It’s possible we were the only teetotallers in the city…. On his blog today, Scott reviews the first of my Palestinian crime novels, THE BETHLEHEM MURDERS (US title: THE COLLABORATOR OF BETHLEHEM). You can read his whole post or satisfy yourself with this quote:
“If you like your crime fiction to be intelligent as well as gripping and if you are prepared to tackle something set in an unusual part of the world for this genre then I cannot recommend this series highly enough. I will certainly be reading the rest of the books.”
Of course, if you don’t like your crime fiction to be intelligent and gripping, then don’t read my books. But I dare you to admit that applies to you. Go on and read them.

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