26 January 2010 0 Comments

Omar’s new German edition

The third of my Palestinian crime novels THE SAMARITAN’S SECRET is out in Germany this week. “Der Tote von Nablus” (The Dead Man of Nablus) as it’s being titled in Germany sees Omar Yussef (or Omar Jussuf, as he’s known to his Deutsche fans) investigating the theft of an ancient scroll in Nablus — only to uncover a deadly secret from his best friend’s past. My novels have been extremely successful in Germany and I’ll be heading there for two separate book tours in March and April. I also think Beck Verlag, my Munich publisher, and my editor Dr. Martin Hielscher do a wonderful job creating a mysterious look for the series. Translation is by Klaus Modick, who’s one of Germany’s leading novelists. So it must be good, eh.

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