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30 October 2009 0 Comments

Review: The year’s best Police procedural

Strange Things Happen: A Life with The Police, Polo and PygmiesBy Stewart CopelandPublisher UK: The Friday Project US: HarperStudio Just because I write crime fiction doesn’t make me obsessed by The Police. However, this new memoir by The Police drummer is absolutely the most delightful surprise of the year. Copeland writes with the same verve […]

30 October 2009 0 Comments

Jerusalem reading Nov. 16

I’ll be talking about my Palestinian crime novels in Jerusalem on Monday, Nov. 16 at 10 a.m. The location is Beit Frankforter, 80 Bethlehem Road, in Baka. So call in sick (if you still have a job) and come along.

29 October 2009 0 Comments

Israel’s new weapon: water?

Yet another report accuses Israel of human rights abuses, this time for denying Palestinians water. By Matt Beynon Rees – GlobalPostJERUSALEM — Human-rights reports condemning Israel’s dealings with the Palestinians have become so frequent of late they’re like the dripping of Chinese water torture. In the last few months, there have been reports on the […]

28 October 2009 0 Comments

No more Mister Nice Guy

This is where it gets ugly. Last week I zapped off the manuscript of my new novel to my agent in New York. My wife told me to get working on the next book. It’s not because she’s worried about me slacking off and failing to pay the rent. No, it’s because she knows what […]

28 October 2009 0 Comments

The Real Iraq War: Michael Anthony’s Writing Life

By now it’s no secret that the Iraq War has been a disillusioning experience for many of the U.S. servicemen sent there. The literature on the war has, so far, been mostly written by journalists. There’s plenty of it, and like most journalism it runs pretty mainstream and inoffensive, no matter how bloody the scenes […]

27 October 2009 0 Comments

That’s my boy

I started to feel recently that my bio on was a bit over-serious. First of all, it was in the third person. I honestly never refer to myself in the third person (except when I’m shopping and I ask my wife “Would Matt Beynon Rees wear a shirt in this shade of pink?”) Then […]

23 October 2009 0 Comments

All rise for the Palestinian anthem

A parody of a nationalistic Palestinian song ridicules the intractable dispute between Hamas and Fatah leaders. By Matt Beynon Rees – GlobalPost RAMALLAH, West Bank — Last week, Hamas and Fatah were on the verge of an agreement to end more than two years of civil strife. Then Hamas tore it up, and both sides […]

21 October 2009 0 Comments

“ME” doesn’t stand for Middle East

One of the advantages of being an author in an “exotic” locale is that people visit and want to hear from you as someone who knows the place well. It’s also one of the disadvantages. Last Friday night, I drove out to Ein Kerem to meet one such group of visitors from Reboot, a U.S. […]

16 October 2009 1 Comment

Affable and trim

The last couple of articles about me and my books focus on the fact that I’m rather happy. In this month’s Hadassah Magazine, I’m “affable and trim.” High school friends reading this on Facebook may wonder where the affability was back then… Profile: Hadassah Magazine October 2009 Matt Beynon Rees By Leora Eren Frucht Only […]

15 October 2009 0 Comments

Location, location

Writers live in their heads. What may be travel to you is location-scouting for me. In some ways, I’m never where I am. I’m imagining that place on the page in a future book. It won’t exist until I’ve written about it. I was standing on a deserted bridge across the Rhine in the Swiss […]