22 March 2009 0 Comments

Matt Beynon Rees at Leipzig Book Festival: Video

On my recent tour of Germany, I was interviewed (in English) on the 3Sat tv channel’s stage at the Leipzig Book Fair. Of the big Germany book festivals, this is the one that gives the most time to readers and authors (the biggest, Frankfurt, is mainly for publishers to get a little more than tipsy together — oh and to do some deals, of course). I was interviewed by a lovely, knowledgable German journalist named Tina Mendelsohn about my second Palestinian crime novel A Grave in Gaza, which is just out in German and proving very successful there. It was a bit of a demanding situation to maintain concentration, with thousands of people wandering by me only a few yards away — many of them dressed rather disconcertingly as Japanese cartoon characters…But it was fun, too.

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