21 February 2009 0 Comments

Abu Dhabi paper recommends The Samaritan’s Secret

In the Abu Dhabi newspaper “The National” my new crime novel THE SAMARITAN’S SECRET gets an excellent review. Here’s a little of it:
‘Rees’s ambitions for the genre are lofty. As Omar sadly notes: “Detectives are like the cloth that polishes a tarnished piece of silverware. The silver is displayed proudly, shining and admired. The cloth is tossed into a cupboard, filthy and unseen, imprinted with a record of the dirt everyone else believes to have been erased forever.” The Samaritan’s Secret is the third in Rees’s award-winning Omar Yussef series, and at its supple best it illuminates the kind of complexities that get lost in everyday reporting.’
Read the full review here.

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