31 January 2009 0 Comments

Jerusalem Post: 3rd Omar Yussef novel shows ‘darkest corners of Nablus’

The Jerusalem Post gives a terrific review to my new Palestinian crime novel THE SAMARITAN’S SECRET in this weekend’s edition. I like the fact that the reviewer picked up on the cultural aspects of the novel, as well as its exciting mystery:

“The novel is not only a cultural immersion, rather it’s a deeply sensory immersion as well: The reader will clearly see the complex architecture of Nablus and its alleyways, hear the gunfire resounding within the tunnels, smell the pervasive odors and taste the different Palestinian dishes simmering on restaurant stoves. The dialogue is rich in metaphor and with a subtly different rhythm that bespeaks authenticity. These are not Englishmen in keffiyehs. The shifts from English dialogue to Arabic are noticeable without being caricatured in any way. To read this book, then, is to savor a rich experience of the darkest corners of Nablus, without having to actually enter the line of fire.”

Read the complete review here.

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