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31 January 2009 0 Comments

Jerusalem Post: 3rd Omar Yussef novel shows ‘darkest corners of Nablus’

The Jerusalem Post gives a terrific review to my new Palestinian crime novel THE SAMARITAN’S SECRET in this weekend’s edition. I like the fact that the reviewer picked up on the cultural aspects of the novel, as well as its exciting mystery: “The novel is not only a cultural immersion, rather it’s a deeply sensory […]

30 January 2009 0 Comments

The Samaritan’s Secret — on video

The third of my Palestinian crime novels, THE SAMARITAN’S SECRET, is now available in the UK and the US. Watch a video introducing the book and some of the locations in the story here. The clip takes you into the hidden world of the Samaritans, descendants of Jesus’s “Good Samaritan,” who live on a lonely […]

23 January 2009 0 Comments

CNN features Matt talking about new book

During her recent spell in Jerusalem to cover the fighting in Gaza, CNN’s Fionnuala Sweeney decided to do a segment of her show International Correspondents talking to me about my new crime novel “The Samaritan’s Secret”. Watch the segment from the show here. Or view the show on CNN International at these times:Friday January 23: […]

12 January 2009 0 Comments

Join Facebook group for my new novel

I’ve started a Facebook group for my new novel THE SAMARITAN’S SECRET. I’ll keep the group’s page updated with information about additional features, like video clips and photo presentations. To join, click here.

9 January 2009 0 Comments The Fiction-writer’s Gaza

I’ve written a piece for on the difference between the way journalists cover Gaza and the story I tell in my novels about the place I know so well. The second of my Palestinian detective novels A Grave in Gaza traces many of the same troubles that we’re witnessing today in the Gaza Strip […]

8 January 2009 0 Comments

Jerusalem Post: Novel Approach to Mideast Mindset

In today’s Jerusalem Post, I’m interviewed about the current violence in Gaza and Palestinian politics. As their columnist writes, I’m trying to give an understanding of why the Palestinians do what they do that you won’t find in newspapers or tv reports. I explain some of that in the Post story, and for the rest […]

6 January 2009 0 Comments

What do Palestinians think of Omar Yussef?

I’ve noticed that in readers’ forums the question often comes up: What do Palestinians think of my sleuth Omar Yussef? Generally people are curious about that, but there’s also the subtext: if Omar is so critical of other Palestinians, surely ordinary Palestinians wouldn’t like him (that is, they’d prefer him to blame Israel for everything […]

6 January 2009 0 Comments

Publishers Weekly: Absorbing, Vividly Captures Essence of Palestine

The third in my series of Palestinian detective novels, The Samaritan’s Secret, gets a terrific review in the latest Publishers Weekly. Here it is in full:“No crime, whether a theft or murder, is an isolated event in Palestine; it’s an intersection of religious, cultural and political issues, as shown in Rees’s absorbing third Omar Yussef […]