26 December 2008 0 Comments

The Scotsman: Rees writes first-rate crime novels, indispensable contemporary history

Writing in The Scotsman, Gerald Kaufman reviews the second of my Palestinian crime novels, The Saladin Murders (US title: A Grave in Gaza) as “indispensable pages of contemporary history.” Here’s more:

The Saladin Murders by Matt Rees (Atlantic Books, £11.99) features Omar Yussef, a middle-aged Palestinian teacher and amateur sleuth. He travels into the Gaza Strip, where the roster of murders includes a UN official. Rees not only provides a classic investigation into a terrible crime, he paints a picture of life in this hell-hole, with Palestinian gangs warring with each other while the Israeli presence looms. Rees is not only writing first-rate crime novels but indispensable pages of contemporary history.”

For Kaufman’s full review, with all his picks for the best in current crime fiction:

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