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LA Times praises my Omar Yussef novels

Reviewer Tod Goldberg praises my Omar Yussef Mysteries in today’s Los Angeles Times. In a review of Larry Beinhart’s “Salvation Boulevard”, he draws a comparison with my novels. Here’s the opening of the review:
The best mystery fiction, beginning with the golden age of the pulps in the early 1920s, has had the unique ability to hold a mirror up to society and reflect back its ills, embracing and articulating the struggles of the day, where crime reveals the larger societal issues plaguing the common man. And yet religion has rarely come under intense scrutiny in serious mystery fiction; surprising when one considers how divisive and violent it can be (and equally surprising since the genre doesn’t shy away from cats who solve crimes), though understandable for the potential religion has to drive a wedge into prospective readership. Matt Beynon Rees has successfully managed this difficult terrain in his recent novels “The Collaborator of Bethlehem” and “A Grave in Gaza” by using religion as the initial catalyst for crime, but not the sole purpose. It’s a tack Larry Beinhart has wisely followed too in “Salvation Boulevard,” where religious dogma dovetails into questions of inherent morality in the face of mounting criminal evidence.

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