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30 November 2008 0 Comments

Australian, Canadian blogs highlight Omar Yussef novels

A pair of Australian and Canadian book blogs highlight my Omar Yussef Mystery series today. “It’s Criminal,” a blog by Helen, a New South Wales librarian, writes about the first book in the series The Bethlehem Murders (US title The Collaborator of Bethlehem) and rates my Palestinian detective Omar Yussef “a very different and exceptional […]

24 November 2008 0 Comments

Daily Telegraph: Omar Yussef a ‘masterstroke’

Daily Telegraph reviewer Jake Kerridge praises the second of my Palestinian detective novels The Saladin Murders (US title A Grave in Gaza) in today’s newspaper, calling my characterization of detective Omar Yussef a “masterstroke.” Here’s Jake’s review: Matt Rees, a seasoned Middle East correspondent, seems determined to send his unlucky detective Omar Yussef to all […]

9 November 2008 0 Comments

You Are Here: Environmental wake-up call from the Middle East to your front door

Thomas M. Kostigen begins his eye-opening new book on the world’s environmental challenges in the Middle East, where pollution and neglect are steadily destroying the ancient sites that are the foundation of the Abrahamic faiths. I’ve seen this with my own eyes (there’s a shocking crack in the retaining wall of the Temple Mount in […]

8 November 2008 0 Comments

International Noir Fiction: Omar in Graham Greene territory (but bleaker)

The blog International Noir Fiction reviews the second of my Palestinian crime novels, A Grave in Gaza (UK title: The Saladin Murders), saying “there’s enough intrigue, crime, gangsterism, infighting (not to mention the occupation) to fill dozens of noir crime novels.” The novel takes detective Omar Yussef into “Graham Greene territory (but bleaker)”, the review […]

3 November 2008 0 Comments

LA Times praises my Omar Yussef novels

Reviewer Tod Goldberg praises my Omar Yussef Mysteries in today’s Los Angeles Times. In a review of Larry Beinhart’s “Salvation Boulevard”, he draws a comparison with my novels. Here’s the opening of the review:The best mystery fiction, beginning with the golden age of the pulps in the early 1920s, has had the unique ability to […]

2 November 2008 0 Comments lifts lid on my coffee preferences, my favourite spot for discovering what’s on in Jerusalem and how good it might be, has an interview today in which I talk about how I came to the city, my Palestinian crime novels, and where I go when I need a coffee: