15 August 2008 0 Comments

Omar gets Palestinian parliamentary approval

My Palestinian detective Omar Yussef has received official Palestinian parliamentary approval. Sort of.

In a recent German tv interview, Palestinian parliamentarian Hanan Ashrawi referred to my novel The Collaborator of Bethlehem (UK title The Bethlehem Murders). She mentioned the lawlessness and the power of the gunmen detailed in the book and said, “Unfortunately Rees is quite correct.”

Ashrawi, for those who follow the Middle East, is one of those Palestinian figures who has always battled against the lawlessness. She was a leader of the first intifada, a delegate to peace talks with Israel, and now a member of the party led by Prime Minister Salaam Fayyad, a pro-American technocrat who’s independent of the two leading/feuding Palestinian factions, Fatah and Hamas.

I mention this because people often ask me about the response from the Arab world to my novels. I get a lot of emails from Arabs in general and Palestinian in particular who tell me the novels reflect their reality better than their un-free, jingoistic media. Now we have that confirmed by Ashrawi, one of Palestine’s leading independent thinkers.

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