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Time Out NY: Omar lifts gloom the Spike Lee way

The latest issue of Time Out New York has a terrific review of my second Palestinian detective novel A Grave in Gaza (UK title The Saladin Murders). Reviewer K. Leander Williams counters an issue I’ve often faced when describing the books to people who’re yet to read them — the bleakness of life in Palestine during the intifada:

“If it sounds unrelentingly bleak, Rees’s writing is also shot through with humanism. The book’s lightness is arrived at in ways one might compare with Spike Lee’s best films­—here, Rees’s excellent ear for dialogue, and his ability to portray the day-to-day interactions between his characters, builds into a calm empathy for men, women and children for whom chaos is a fact of life.”

It’s partially for that reason that I’ve always said that my novels are actually rather hopeful and not bleak at all.

Time Out New York also says that the first book in the series, The Collaborator of Bethlehem (UK title The Bethlehem Murders) is “brilliant.”

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