26 June 2008 0 Comments

Tribune: ‘Splendid novel from author of real talent’

In new reviews of my Palestinian detective novels, I’m delighted with the assessment of Peter Whittaker of Tribune, who last year gave a terrific review to my first novel and now writes in praise of the second in the series The Saladin Murders (US title A Grave in Gaza). He writes: “This is another splendid novel from an author of real talent; the publishers are already billing this as ‘the Omar Yussef series’ so it seems we can look forward to the satisfying prospect of more encounters with this complex, fascinating man living and working in a complex and fascinating world.” The next of those encounters, incidentally, will be in The Samaritan’s Secret, set in Nablus and due to be published next year.

Another reviewer in Diplomat magazine calls Omar Yussef “a new antihero of mystery” and says the writing is “on a par with Eric Ambler and Graham Greene.” The Telegraph chain of UK local newspapers calls the first of my novels, The Bethlehem Murders (US title The Collaborator of Bethlehem), “far from an ordinary detective novel. It is an eye-opener to a region on which television news rarely, if ever, achieves a perfect focus…When you walk the streets with this extraordinary fictional creation, you experience the reality of the divided world of Jew and Arab. A story to rouse the passions.”

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