26 April 2008 0 Comments

Workers of the world unite behind Palestinian detective

What’s the connection between the rather conservative Sunday Telegraph and the Alliance for Workers Liberty? They both love The Saladin Murders (US title A Grave in Gaza) Last week, Britain’s biggest quality daily newspaper devoted a big chunk of its magazine to my piece about my new Palestinian detective novel(see http://www.telegraph.co.uk/arts/main.jhtml?xml=/arts/2008/04/20/sv_gaza.xml&page=1). Now the blog of the Alliance for Workers Liberty, which states that it promotes “international working-class solidarity and socialism”, has a good review of The Saladin Murders, describing it as “something to open ostentatiously at a Workers Power meeting.” In other words, a good way to impress the proletariat, if any such thing survives in the UK today, of course. Onward to the shining future, as Comrade Stalin used to say, with Omar Yussef! The full story is on the AWL blog at: http://www.workersliberty.org/story/2008/04/25/palestinian-against-palestinian

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