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30 April 2008 0 Comments

Ha’aretz: Omar Yussef a Third World hero

This week’s Books section of the Israeli daily newspaper Ha’aretz has a lengthy review of the second of my Omar Yussef Mysteries A Grave in Gaza (UK title The Saladin Murders). Here are a few quotes:“In the best tradition of improbable sleuths from Miss Marple to Monk. … Peopled by a gallery of nasty but […]

26 April 2008 0 Comments

Workers of the world unite behind Palestinian detective

What’s the connection between the rather conservative Sunday Telegraph and the Alliance for Workers Liberty? They both love The Saladin Murders (US title A Grave in Gaza) Last week, Britain’s biggest quality daily newspaper devoted a big chunk of its magazine to my piece about my new Palestinian detective novel(see Now the blog of […]

20 April 2008 0 Comments

Telegraph: my Gaza memoir, crime novel inspiration

The Sunday Telegraph this week prints my lengthy memoir “How I Found Peace in Gaza.” The article is about my memories of Gaza and the ways in which it made me feel profoundly connected to the life of the Palestinians. It also explains how Gaza inspired me to write the second of my Palestinian crime […]

19 April 2008 0 Comments

Eclectica Magazine: ‘A Grave in Gaza’ more than a mystery, more than fiction — it’s the real Palestine

Colleen Mondor reviews my second Palestinian crime novel A Grave in Gaza (UK title The Saladin Murders) in Eclectica Magazine and has wonderful things to say about it, including: “It is easier for westerners to believe that the Israeli/Palestinian conflict comes down to good and bad on one side or the other–we cling still to […]

18 April 2008 0 Comments

Le Figaro: Omar Yussef is the Hercule Poirot of the Near East

The latest issue of Le Figaro’s Magazine includes a terrific review of my latest Palestinian mystery novel (titled in the US A Grave in Gaza and in the UK The Saladin Murders), comparing my hero Omar Yussef to Agatha Christie’s great Belgian detective: Omar Yussef returns…Here is the Hercule Poirot of the Near East immersed […]

5 April 2008 0 Comments

The Economist: New Omar Yussef novel "vivid, outstanding, gripping"

The April 3 print edition of The Economist includes this excellent review of the second Omar Yussef Mystery: In its vivid portrayal of the violence and degradation of the Palestinian enclave of Gaza, Matt Rees’s second book, “The Saladin Murders”, is outstanding. His hero, Omar Yussef, a Bethlehem schoolteacher, is a recovering alcoholic in his […]

4 April 2008 0 Comments

Jerusalem Post: Human Characters and Complex Culture in new Omar Yussef Mystery

The second Omar Yussef Mystery A Grave in Gaza is reviewed in today’s Jerusalem Post Magazine. Here’s a portion of the review: For readers who hunger for a peril-free tour of Gaza, Matt Beynon Rees’s latest detective novel may offer the perfect solution…. Life in Gaza is depicted down to its finest and most sordid […]

4 April 2008 0 Comments

New York Magazine: Omar "an unwavering Marlowe of the Arab street"

In a recent feature on “exotic detective” novels, New York Magazine picks the second Omar Yussef Mystery A Grave in Gaza in its top 10: “Do you want me to draw you a diagram?” the one-handed cop asks Omar Yussef, a West Bank native as lost in Gaza as his U.N. colleagues, who one by […]