19 February 2008 0 Comments

Charlotte Observer: ‘A Grave in Gaza’ Suspenseful, Subtle

The Charlotte News-Observer has a great review of my new Omar Yussef mystery, A Grave in Gaza:

A Grave in Gaza is the second in a series (following the successful The Collaborator of Bethlehem) featuring Palestinian history teacher and school principal Omar Yussef as its unlikely sleuth.

This time, while on an inspection tour of Gaza Strip schools, Yussef is yanked literally and figuratively into efforts to secure release of a university professor arrested in Gaza on apparently trumped-up charges of spying for the Israelis. Though he is well into his middle years, the canny scholar soon finds himself ensnared in all the madness surrounding the (at least) three-sided battle raging in the perpetually volatile section of the Middle East.

Ideology and political stereotype in this complex, compelling thriller are subtle to nonexistent. Author Rees, a former Time magazine Jerusalem bureau chief, knows the snakepit he’s depicting, and the plucky Yussef certainly acts as if he does. Here’s an amateur detective who has taken on history as well as a dangerous case, and the outcome is always suspensefully in doubt.

The full story, which includes reviews of some other new mysteries, is at: http://www.newsobserver.com/lifestyles/books/book_reviews/story/920074.html

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