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Reviewingtheevidence.com: Omar "a charming curmudgeon"; my 2nd novel "shouldn’t be missed"

The independent book blog Reviewingtheevidence.com gives a terrific assessment of my new Omar Yussef Mystery, A Grave in Gaza (UK title: The Saladin Murders), calling it “literate and completely absorbing.”

Here’s some more from the review:
“The character of Omar is a wonderful lead for any book. In no way is he a crime-fighting, muscular force for good. He is only in his 50s, but he has white hair, he is stooped and short and he looks older than his years. He is also not a sweet lovable man more than willing to overlook his safety in order to have an adventure. The truth is that he hates Gaza and wants to get back to the comforts of his home as soon as possible, but he simply can’t turn his back when he comes across such terrible wrongs. He speaks his mind, even if it is a harsh truth, but he is a charming curmudgeon and someone you would value knowing.

“A GRAVE IN GAZA is wonderfully-written book. The mystery portion is tight and will keep you guessing. The rest of the book has to do with life in the Middle East and the problems that politics and interest groups put upon the people living there. Read this book for its wonderful writing and the information that it has about the war-torn area of the Middle East. It really shouldn’t be missed. “

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