24 January 2008 0 Comments

The Scotsman: The Bethlehem Murders "Indispensible"

Here’s a review in Scotland’s national newspaper (for which I was once Middle East correspondent and had a lot more fun than in any other job I’ve ever had) written by a former Labor Party cabinet minister and a prominent voice on the Middle East about the UK paperback version of the first Omar Yussef Mystery, The Bethlehem Murders (UK)/The Collaborator of Bethlehem (US):

“This debut novel by a former Jerusalem bureau head for Time magazine is absolutely indispensable. Set in the Israeli-occupied West Bank birthplace of Christ, it’s an absorbing crime novel, but so very much more — a cruelly vivid picture of life in Palestine today. A middle-aged school teacher finds, in attempting a murder investigation, that he is up against not only the Israeli army but Palestinian gangs, some of them dedicated to liberation, others simply cruel and corrupt. I hope this is the start of a series.” — The Scotsman, 15 Dec. 2007: Reviewed by Gerald Kaufman, 5 Stars

Of course, I’m delighted to tell Gerald that the second in the series, titled in the UK The Saladin Murders, is out on 1 February.

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