16 January 2008 0 Comments

Library Journal: Compelling Mystery, Evocative Prose in Portrait of Wounded Society

Library Journal, the very important U.S. pre-publication review, lauds the second Omar Yussef Mystery A Grave in Gaza in its latest issue. Here’s the review:

In Rees’s exceptionally fine follow-up to his highly praised debut, The Collaborator of Bethlehem, the Palestinian government in Gaza is a fiction: warring gangs collaborate only to loot… At 56, Yussef is neither supersleuth nor superhero, just an honorable man striving to find justice for the disenfranchised in a thoroughly corrupt society, where violence is the preferred, indeed, the only tool of governing. A virtue of this outstanding novel is its prose: evocative and sensual in describing setting and character, forceful in moving along the action. A compelling mystery story and a sympathetic portrait of a wounded society, this novel is truly excellent popular fiction. Strongly recommended for mystery and general collections.

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