7 January 2008 0 Comments

Blog Down Under Lauds Omar as Year’s Best

The first of my Omar Yussef Palestinian mystery novels has already been picked as one of the best of the year by the BBC and The Guardian in the UK and by Booklist and Publisher’s Weekly in the US. Now the blog AustCrimeFiction, which usually focuses on Australian and New Zealand mysteries, names The Bethlehem Murders (the US title of The Collaborator of Bethlehem) on its list of picks. “Great central character, different viewpoint, tremendous book,” the blog says. For the full list of picks, see: http://www.austcrimefiction.org/node/3846
The full review of my novel on AustCrimeFiction, which was posted in September, is at:
(If you’re wondering why the Australians read the British version, rather than the US version, it’s because my US publisher has distribution rights only in N. America. My London publisher has English-language distribution in Australia, S. Africa, New Zealand and other places, including Antarctica. I kid you not, that’s what it said on the contract I signed. Because penguins prefer British spelling, God bless them.)

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