21 December 2007 0 Comments

Tribune: Omar a Superb Central Character

Yesterday I noted that BBC Radio had made my novel The Bethlehem Murders a Christmas reading pick. Here’s a little of what Jeff Park most generously said about the first of my Palestinian detective novels on the BBC’s Front Row programme: “Matt Rees has given us an incredible tapestry…It’s a wonderful, wonderful book. A fantastically original book.”

The book (which in the US is entitled The Collaborator of Bethlehem) was also extremely well-reviewed by Tribune, the newspaper of the British Labour Party, two weeks ago. Reviewer Peter Whittaker writes: “Matt Rees has produced a debut novel of real class…His novel oozes authenticity from every pore. Omar Yussef is a superb central character; flawed and constantly doubting his own motives and integrity. Gritty, compelling and utterly convincing in its investigation of a dark place where idealism and hope cede to sordid self-interest and betrayal.”

My own picks for best books of the year are featured today on Colleen Mondor’s excellent literary blog Chasing Ray. Take a look at http://chasingray.com/. Colleen has asked a number of authors to choose their books of the year and is posting one a day. There are some very intriguing choices.

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