23 November 2007 0 Comments

The Guardian: Bring a Palestinian Detective Home for Christmas

Today’s issue of The Guardian has a few top writers select their favourite books of the year to recommend for Christmas, and David Hare picks the first novel in my crime series The Bethlehem Murders (the US title is The Collaborator of Bethlehem). Here’s what he writes:

“A Palestinian detective is something new, and this year you couldn’t do better than read Matt Rees’s thriller The Bethlehem Murders (Atlantic Books). If Simenon gives you canal-side France and Henning Mankell a desolating Sweden, then Rees wants you to experience the West Bank in all its complexity and despair. The story of Omar Yussef, an elderly teacher fighting to maintain his own idea of integrity while solving a brutal murder, restores detective fiction to its most powerful origins: the lone moral hero in the chaos of the world.”

My Bethlehem novel would also be a reminder of what life is really like in that town at Christmas.

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