21 November 2007 0 Comments

The Bookseller: Second Omar Yussef Book ‘a Cracking Atmospheric Read’

The second book in my Omar Yussef crime series will be published in the U.S. and U.K. in February. In the U.S. it’s titled A Grave in Gaza. The U.K. edition, which is titled The Saladin Murders, gets a great pre-publication review in The Bookseller this month. Reviewer Tom Tivnan says “The Saladin Murders is a cracking, atmospheric read.” He also says that, after all my years as a journalist in the Middle East, my “insider knowledge of the place is obvious. Rees depicts a lawless land, riven with internecine feuding, smugglers and corrupt politicians. Perfect, then, for a crime novel.”

The full review is at:

Also, on the Genre Go Round Reviews blog, Harriet Klausner writes:
“Readers will be appalled by Matt Beynon Rees’ vivid descriptions of poverty, random killings, and torture; supported by official corruption in which death is a welcome outcome while also seeking Omar’s previous work A COLLABORATOR IN BETHLEHEM.”

The link to that blog is:

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